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Les Enfants Terribles Group launches a new collection,
with Les Enfants Terrible – Cantine.


Montréal, September 18th  :: Les Enfants Terribles – Cantine opens its doors in the heart of downtown Montreal, on Sherbrooke Street West, in a new format. It is the first of a series of little neighbourhood jewels to come. In what is a cross between an English pub and a Parisian bistro, the very Montreal Les Enfants Terribles – Cantine is the perfect around the corner resto: intimate and convivial.

The word “cantine” comes from the Italian word cantina for cave or seller and from the French word canton, for corner. Through time, it has meant different things, for different patrons. For some, it is reminiscent of school and childhood chums and for others, it brings back memories of people from the neighbourhood or of authentic local fare, when on holiday. In every case, cantine represents a space where people meet and share and where the food is comforting. That is Les Enfants Terribles’ trademark.

Already nicknamed “le Petit Terrible”, Les Enfants Terribles – Cantine offers the classic Brasseries Les Enfants Terribles menu along with some new items fancied by Montrealers such as gourmet bowls and burgers, as well as signature cocktails. Les Enfants Terribles – Cantine will also offer the brand’s new line of products that includes teas, chocolates as well as ready-to-eat and to-go meals.

It’s a bit like an extension of home. A space where you know you’ll run into friends and where you can stop to eat, have a chat and fetch some goods to take home with you” says Francine Brûlé, founder and co-owner.

With its 60 seats, its bar and warm décor, Les Enfants Terribles – Cantine is also the perfect spot for private soirées, to celebrate any occasion.

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