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For Les Marchands DuFrais, only that which is exquisite deserves to be picked, and by the best pickers! As distributors of fresh mushrooms in season, and dehydrated or frozen throughout the year, they also offer products derived from truffles and berries, to the delight of chefs and our taste buds!

Fairmount Bagel will celebrate, in the next year, its 100th anniversary! Founder Isadore Shlafman had to flee Kiev in 1919, and as fate would have it, he arrived in Montreal and founded North America’s first bagel bakery. After initially operating in the alley behind Schwartz’s, on the Main, he moved his bakery to Fairmount Street, where it still stands. The bagel recipe and method have remained unchanged to this day.

Cirka Distilleries has a unique approach. They produce their spirits on their premises, from grain to bottle: cooking the grains (GMO-free, locally produced), fermenting, distilling and bottling. They opened their doors in 2015, and the distribution network for their vodka and gins has already grown considerably to include Nova Scotia, Alberta and Ontario.

Over the years, Lino and Bruno Birri, market gardeners and nursery owners, have become leading figures at the Jean-Talon Market. Birri et Frères offers its diverse clientele – including around a hundred restaurants – local products harvested daily, along with greenhouse products in the winter. They also sell plants and seeds for gardening.

1769 Distillery has produced spirits in small batches since 2014. Madison Park gin and MVodka are available in various versions, and they will launch the first three-year-old Canadian whisky made in Montreal in mid-June 2018 (for Father’s Day).

This microdistillery is also at the origin of our famous Oak Barrel-Aged Maple Old-Fashioned, a unique elixir that sprang from a collaboration between their master distiller Andrew Mikus and Maximilliano Vallée Valletta, head bartender and general manager at Les Enfants Terribles.

Hector Larivée, a family business founded in 1940, is a leading distributor of fresh produce, and the first choice for many Quebec chefs, thanks to its unique know-how, unparalleled customer service and focus on sustainable development.

Antoine Nicolas dives under pack ice in temperatures equivalent to -50 °C to gather about 15 varieties of Gaspé seaweed, these “superfoods” that are worth getting to know for their nutritional value and superb flavours. His sea vegetables and seafood are harvested year-round on demand and delivered throughout Quebec.

A passion that’s … inebriating!
Maison Sivo is a micro-distillery to which we owe Quebec’s first whiskey! It is also an eco-friendly farm that grows blackcurrants, blueberries and raspberries to make fine brandies and liqueurs. Meet Janos Sivo, Master Distiller!

The Vaillancourt family’s fruit and vegetable farm was founded way back in 1823! As a child of the seventh generation of one of Quebec’s oldest farming families, Vyckie Vaillancourt has added a new branch to the family business by creating O’Citrus, which is dedicated to exotic citrus fruits. Yuzu, kumquat, and Buddha’s hands are now produced just north of Montreal, on the island of Laval!

La Canardière is a family farm located in Carignan, Montérégie. Their free-range ducks are grain fed with 100% natural whole corn, which gives the foie gras a unique color and delicate taste. Their traditional artisan work is a delight to chefs, and their patrons!